OTL Seat Fillers Gifts

The unique gift of "things to do" with free pairs of show and event tickets.


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Seat Filler Gifts for New and Current Members

Gifts are instantly issued through GiftUpApp and can be emailed to you or directly to your gift recipient.

New OTL Seat Filler Member Gifts

OTL "New Member" Seat Filler Gifts are the fun gifts of "things to do!" Just be sure that your gift recipient lives in one of the following locations:

Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa Bay (and more coming soon!)

Gift of OTL Seat Filler "Renewal" Dues

If you know someone who is already an OTL Seat Filler, then you can gift them with three or six months of renewal membership dues.

Free tickets and free dues! What could be better?

It's unique and thoughtful!

More OTL Seat Fillers Gift Information


  • Instantly issued to you or your gift recipient via email
  • If you have a promo or gift code, be sure to scroll to the bottom to enter it before making a selection
  • All-inclusive; OTL Seat Fillers never pay for any tickets
  • Gifts are non-refundable, so make sure that your gift recipient lives in one of the cities noted
  • More locations coming soon!