Best Five Minute Workout

Best Five Minute Workout For Your Busy Schedule

No Equipment Required

We know how busy you are. We also have heard people say they are beyond busy. But isn’t that how everyone is nowadays?

This fast-paced, coffee-sipping, pizza-munching culture that we have brought on ourselves has left us with so little time for even thinking about taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

Teeny Tiny Time Commitment

“Oh, only if I had time” is an excuse that will not work anymore because we have brought you the best workout routine that you can carry out anywhere at any time. The best thing about it – it only takes five minutes to get completed!

Just five minutes. That is like 0.3% of your whole day!

So, let’s take the first step towards fitness with this five-minute workout prepared just for you. We’ve even got some fun videos to spur you onto victory!

1. On-spot Running

This exercise is perfect for getting your body warmed up. All you have to do is perform the body action that is done during running but on the same spot.

On-spot running helps to increase the heart rate to a certain extent. A steady state of cardiovascular exercise is achieved with this exercise. If done in the morning, it can help you wake up and fill your body with a good amount of oxygen in the blood.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks provide an efficient total-body workout, which involves a combination of aerobic activity and resistance. This jump exercise is perfect for keeping your hearts, lungs, and essential muscles in good shape.

Muscles like glutes, quadriceps, and hip flexors can be brought into shape with jumping jacks. Not just that, these exercises also work the abdominal and shoulder muscles. You can even do squat jumps or box jumps if you find it challenging to do jumping jacks. Like running in place, they’re a fun part of the best five-minute workout!

3. Burpees

This explosive exercise is a tougher part of our concise “best five-minute workout,” as it works the entire body. This particular series of movements does a great job of getting the heart rate up in just a few seconds. Burpees seem simple but can really add value to your cardio workouts (if you have any).

It makes the workout intense and provides your body with some power, agility, and endurance. We highly recommend you to do 1-3 sets of these and take a 15-second break between each set.

4. Push-Ups or Wall Push-Ups

It’s time you give attention to your upper body and core. Pushups are simple exercises that can really build up your upper body strength as it involves multiple muscle groups like chest, arms, shoulders, triceps, back, abs, and thigh muscles.

This compound exercise can be done with many modifications to make it suitable for beginners. The toned-down versions can be worked up to the standard pushups with time. Nonetheless, they’re still an important addition to the overall best five-minute exercise series.

Time’s Up on the Five Minute Workout!

Did this five-minute workout routine bring any value to you?

What is stopping you from getting into a healthy routine?

It’s challenging to start a new routine, even a five-minute one. But add it to your planner or set a Google alert. You could even plan to get your heart rate up as your coffee is brewing.

We love sharing new things, so check out our “Learn Something New” section often. We hope to surprise you with interesting content and make positive changes together!