Current Active OTL Locations (Please don't purchase a gift unless your recipient lives in one of these areas):






Miami-Ft Lauderdale



San Francisco


Tampa Bay

OTL Gift Membership Info:

  • Gifts are non-refundable (so be sure your recipient resides in one of the 16 locations)
  • Gifts are provided by GiftUpApp and issued immediately upon purchase
  • OTL Memberships are all-inclusive. Members never pay for any of the tickets they reserve.
  • There's no guarantee as to the number of shows and events. It's a seat filler club. The fun is seeing what pops up. 
  • OTL offers Comedy, Theatre, Music, Sports, and other events and activities.

OTL Gift Memberships

For Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Nashville, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida (Miami-Fort Lauderdale), and Tampa Bay area residents

From now through 31 December, 2019, you'll receive a Bonus one-month gift for each three or six-month gift membership that you purchase. It will be sent to you automatically upon purchase. Current members cannot buy and redeem gifts for themselves, but they can turn in the one-month "bonus gift" for a free month of membership dues on their current account.