Gifts for Gamers 2019 – Part One

Nov 20, 2019

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Christmas Gift Guide - Gifts for Gamers 2019

If you're confused by the word "gamers" and you have kids in your life, this may be the single best gift guide for you during the 2019 Christmas season.

Gamers refer to boys, girls, men and women who enjoy video games. They have a rather expensive hobby as game systems, controllers, and the games themselves are regularly being updated and new release come out weekly.

So, if you've got a "gamer" to buy for, then we've got a few ideas for some of the basics that they will enhance their experience. They're gifts for gamers that will be appreciated - and they'll be shocked that you purchased "the right one!"



Gifts for Gamers - the 2019 Guide

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

If you're not quite sure what games your teen already has, this particular one may be a safe bet.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first person shooter game and it was recently released in October of 2019. So, if you put a hold on buying anything new because "Christmas is coming," then this is a safe bet. It's available for play on Xbox, PC and PS4. It's in the $79.99 range and you will want to know that's it's rated MA so it's not for younger children.


Steel Series Arctis Headsets

If the gamer in your life is in need of a new headset, then Arctis is a good line to review. Arctis features one of the better microphones, as compared to other brands. Another benefit to this particular series is that you can choose from several models.

Prices vary depending on the particular version, as Arctis is offered in bluetooth and wired options. To give you a general idea of pricing, though, the Arctis 5 is regularly $99.99, but you should be able to find sale pricing from time to time. The Arctis 3 runs about $20 less.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

The Xbox Game Pass is a subscription for gamers - think Netflix for video game systems. The ultimate pass is $5 more per month than the normal game pass, but it actually can save your gift recipient money. It comes with Xbox Gold plus more than 100 other games for console and PC. 

You can buy a three-month pass for $44.99. If you want to spend less, there's a $14.99 one-month gift. 

Tip - if the gamer is new to XBox Game Pass Ultimate, he or she may be able to start with a $1 three-month new player offer.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

This particular gift is in the $60 range. It's an ideal one for Pokemon fans who also have a Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are separate role-playing games that are musts for kids (and adult) passionate about Pokemon. You don't need to know anything more as long as you've heard them utter the "P" word! If they have Sword, you could get them Shield for Christmas, or vice versa. A two-pack is also available.

Xbox One Elite Controller 2

If you're out of the loop on what's happening in the world of video games, then you may have sticker shock. After all, the Xbox One Elite series 2 is a controller and not an entire game system. It's price tag is regularly $179.95.

While this may not be necessary for a beginner player, anyone who is passionate about video games will know the difference. It opens up 30 new ways to play like a pro. This particular controller can be used on Xbox and PC.

More Gamer Gifts Coming Soon

We're just getting started with Gamer Gift Ideas for Christmas 2019. More gift guides will be rolling out soon. So, be sure to check back often and bookmark the City Guides for Locals' Gift Ideas section.

You may also be interested in the Gift Guide for Teen Boys who like to be fashionable.

Amazon for Shipping OR the Gift of Prime

best gifts for 2019, best Christmas gifts 2019, gift guide 2019, 2019 gift guideYou may have noticed that we included a few Amazon gifts in the mix. Our entire family at OTL has been members of the Amazon Prime program for years, and we have definitely reaped the benefit. If you're going to buy even a few items from the giant online seller, you may want to look at a Prime membership. It's $3 for a 30-day Trial. Not too shabby!

Also, we never thought about this one, but an Amazon Prime Gift may not satisfy the box, wrappings, and bow requirement that we love to see under the tree, but it will be appreciated

TIP: If you're looking to spend less than a year of Amazon Prime, you can also buy a gift of just three months. That's three months of free shipping, movies, and more. It's a great deal. But wrap it up in a nice big box with a pretty bow for more impact!

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