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The Ultimate Guide to 191 San Francisco Mexican Restaurants

THE Guide to San Francisco Mexican Restaurants

We start with five and then give you 190 more!

If you’re looking for some of the best San Francisco Mexican restaurants, you’ve come to the right place. We start by sharing five of our favorite spots. However, we also have a list of nearly 200 more dining options so you can get your fix of south-of-the-border cuisine no matter where you are in the city.

There’s something for everyone here, from classic taquerias to modern restaurants serving up inventive dishes. So next time you’re craving a burrito, enchilada, or pozole, check out one of these restaurants. Enjoy!

Nopalito San Francisco, San Francisco Mexican restaurants, best Mexican food San Francisco


306 Broderick Street, San Francisco, CA 94117

For an upscale Mexican food experience, look no further than Nopalito. Located on Broderick Street, Nopalito doesn’t just deliver fantastic flavor but dishes crafted with local and sustainable ingredients.

With this menu, it’s impossible to go wrong, but you’ll want to pay particular attention to the seafood items like Trucha a la Plancha. These dishes are a specialty of the head chef, who is originally from Beachy, Veracruz.

While you can find the main restaurant on Broderick Street, don’t forget to check out the new 18th Street location as well. This take-out window restaurant offers a more casual vibe and even a few exclusive menu items.

Taqueria Los Mayas, Poc Chuc Plato at Taqueria Los Mayas, Taqueria Los Mayas San Francisco Mexican restaurant

Taqueria Los Mayas

331 Clement St. San Francisco, CA 94118

If you find yourself in the Richmond District of San Francisco, you’ll want to treat yourself to Taqueria Los Mayas.

Tucked away in a shop on Clement Street, Taqueria Los Mayas serves up the best of the Yucatán, aka dishes packed full of delicious citrus flavor. The restaurant makes its own tortillas on-site, so dishes like the Plantain Burrito or Shrimp Tacos are fantastic options. The restaurant’s specialty is Panuchos, a crispy-style taco famous in Yucatán. Taqueria Los Mayas serves them up with the protein of your choice. But good luck trying to order just one!

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Puerto Alegre San Francisco, best San Francisco Mexican restaurants

Puerto Alegre

546 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Puerto Alegre is a classic restaurant that’s stood the test of time in the Mission District. The restaurant has been in business for over 50 years, managed by multiple generations of the Vigil family. You can certainly feel the familial atmosphere in this cozy, homey, and friendly place.

While Puerto Alegre is known for hosting art exhibits around holidays like the Day of the Dead, make no mistake – the food is still the real art. The Pozole Verde at Puerto Alegre is so delicious that we’d almost call it a mandatory order. But if that’s not for you, then the famous enchiladas and margaritas are the perfect choices.

El Buen Comer San Francisco, best San Francisco Mexican restaurants, Mexican food San Fran

El Buen Comer

3435 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Nothing’s quite as delicious as street food, which El Buen Comer definitely understands. This Mission District restaurant specializes in all things Mexico City-style street foods, and what more could you really ask for in a casual San Francisco Mexican restaurant?

El Buen Comer put its name on the map with the pambazo – a massive sandwich soaked in a Guajillo chili sauce and packed with either chorizo or chicken tinga. If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, you have to give one of the mole dishes a try. Mole is a traditional Mexican sauce, and El Buen Comer’s does not disappoint. 

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Poc-Chuc, Poc-Chuc San Francisco


2886 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Poc-Chuc is the place to go for Mayan-inspired cuisine. This family-run business showcases Mayan food that has a uniquely Spanish twist. That means you can expect show-stopping Mayan-inspired dishes like Panucho on a homemade tortilla. There’s also a traditional pork stew called Cochinita Pibil alongside delicious Spanish-inspired seafood like the Camarones al Ajillo.

But if you’re torn on what to order, pick the Poc Chuc: a citrus-marinated pork dish with vegetables and beans that’s life-changing. The restaurant currently serves full dinner and take-out, but the lunch specials are an easy way to experience this Mayan cuisine more affordably.

Nearly 200 More of the Best Places for Mexican Food in San Francisco

So many choices, so little time. While this list is pretty darn long, it’s still just scratching the surface, as there are even more Mexican restaurants in San Francisco!

360 Gourmet Burritos1 Market Plz Lbby 6http://360gourmetburritos.com
Andale Mexican Restaurant845 Market Sthttps://www.andalemexican.com
Arguello50 Moraga Avehttp://www.piduk.org
Azucar Lounge299 9th Sthttp://www.azucarsf.com
Baja Fresh30 Fremont Sthttps://www.bajafresh.com
Barrio1609 Powell Sthttps://www.barriosf.com/contact
Barrio Ghirardelli Square900 N Point Sthttps://www.barriosf.com
Bask42 Columbus Avehttp://www.basksf.com
Bonita Taqueria Y Rotisserie2257 Chestnut Sthttp://sfbonita.com
Buena Vida Cantina860 Folsom Sthttps://www.buenavidacantina.com
Cafe De Olla Sf2301 Mission Sthttps://www.cafedeollasf.com
Cafe La Taza4230 18Th Sthttps://www.cafelataza.com
Caliente Bistro Kitchen4828 Geary Blvdhttps://www.calientebistro.com
Cantina580 Sutter Sthttps://www.simplyhealthyfamily.org
Carmelina's Taqueria500 Parnassus Avehttp://carmelinastaqueriasanfrancisco.cafecityguide.website
Casa Barajas1849 Lincoln Wayhttps://www.casabarajas.co
Casa De La Condesa2763 Mission Sthttps://casa-de-la-condesa.square.site
Casa Mexicana180 Church Sthttp://casamexicanaiisanfrancisco.gastrobars.com
Casa Olvera1020 Valencia Sthttps://www.casaolvera.com
Casa Sanchez250 Napoleon St Ste Mhttps://casasanchezsf.com/contact-us
Castillito Yucateco2052 Mission Sthttp://ordercastillitoyucateco.com/index.php
Chava's Restaurant2839 Mission Sthttps://chavas-sf.edan.io
Chavit's Mexican Restaurant3006 Mission Sthttp://chavitasrestaurant.com
Chevys141 Hickey Blvdhttps://www.chevys.com/location/s-san-francisco
Chevys Fresh Mex2 Perry Sthttps://www.chevys.com
Chicano Nuevo1166 Geneva Avehttps://www.chicanonuevo.com/cart
Chilayo-Sabor Mexicano2150 Chestnut Sthttps://sabormexicano.com
Chino's Taqueria3416 Balboa Sthttp://chinostaqueriasanfrancisco.restaurant-facilities.com
Chipotle Mexican Grill1523 Sloat Blvdhttps://locations.chipotle.com/ca/san-francisco/1523-sloat-blvd
Chipotle Mexican Grill211 Sutter Sthttps://locations.chipotle.com/ca/san-francisco/211-sutter-st
Chipotle Mexican Grill50 California Sthttps://locations.chipotle.com/ca/san-francisco/50-california-st
Chipotle Mexican Grill865 Market St Ste C10https://www.chipotle.com
Chipotle Mexican Grill180 S Airport Blvdhttps://www.chipotle.com
Chipotle Mexican Grill333 Jefferson St Ste 104https://www.chipotle.com
Chipotle Mexican Grill126 New Montgomery Sthttps://www.chipotle.com
Chipotle Mexican Grill232 Ofarrell Sthttps://www.chipotle.com
Colibri Mexican Bistro438 Geary Sthttp://www.colibrimexicanbistro.com
Death By Taco301 King Sthttps://www.deathbytaco.net
Delarosa2175 Chestnut Sthttps://www.delarosasf.com
Delicioso Creperie1500 Bryant Sthttps://www.deliciosocreperie.com
Don Chuys Mexi-Mercado544 Excelsior Avehttp://orderdonchuysmexi-market.com
Don Pistos510 Union Sthttps://www.donpistos.com
Don Ramon s Mexican Restaurant225 11th Sthttps://www.donramonsrestaurantsf.com
Dona Mago Mexican Restaurant301 S Van Ness Avehttps://donamagomexicanrestaurant.weebly.com
El Azteca Taqueria5298 3rd Sthttps://elaztecataqueria.com
El Buen Comer2948 Folsom Sthttp://www.elbuencomersf.com
El Buen Comer3435 Mission Sthttp://www.elbuencomersf.com
El Burrito Express1812 Divisadero Sthttp://www.ebxsf.com/index.html
El Cafe Tazo3087 16Th Sthttps://elcafetazo.com
El Capitan Taqueria710 Post Sthttps://elcapitantaqueriasf.com
El Capitan Taqueria198 Guerrero Sthttps://elcapitantaqueriasf.com
El Capitan Taqueria2 Townsend St Ste 2000https://elcapitantaqueriasf.com
El Capitan Taqueria1198 Folsom Sthttps://www.elcapitantaqueriasf.com
El Capricho Restaurant2022 Mission Sthttp://orderelcaprichorestaurant.com/index.php
El Castillito370 Golden Gate Avehttps://taqueria-castillo.com
El Faro2399 Folsom Sthttp://www.elfaronyc.com
El Faro1654 Haight Sthttp://www.elfarosf.com
El Farolito2950 24th Sthttps://elfarolitosf.com
El Farolito Taqueria394 Grand Avehttps://elfarolitosf.com
El Huarache Loco100 Alemany Blvdhttps://www.huaracheloco.com
El Norteño Taco Truck801 Bryant Sthttps://www.orderelnortenotacotruck.com
El Pipila879 Brannan Sthttps://sf.eater.com/venue/53587/el-p-pila
El Pollo Supremo5210 Mission Sthttps://elpollosupremosf.com
El Pollo Supremo2801 Folsom Sthttps://elpollosupremosf.com
El Porteno Empanadas1 Ferry Buildinghttp://www.elportenosf.com
El Ranchito326 Shaw Rdhttps://elranchito-dallas.com
El Santaneco203 Linden Avehttp://elsantanecopupusas.com
El Sol Taqueria595 Geary Sthttp://www.taqueriaelsol.com
El Taco Loco 23274 24th Sthttp://www.eltacolocosf.com
El Techo2516 Mission Streethttps://eltechosf.com
El Tepa Taqueria2198 Folsom Sthttps://foodeist.com/place/el-tepa-taqueria
El Tesoro Taqueria & Grill599 Ofarrell Sthttp://ordereltesorotaqueriaandgrill.com
El Tonayense Ii2560 Marin Sthttps://www.tonayense.com
El Toreador Restaurant50 W Portal Avehttp://www.eltoreadorsf.com
El Toro Taqueria598 Valencia Sthttps://www.eltorotaqueriasanfrancisco.com
El Valenciano1153 Valencia Sthttps://www.salsavida.com/sf/el-valenciano-salsa
Flor De Cafe1020 Valencia Sthttps://flor-de-cafe.business.site
Franco's Latin Table24 W Portal Avehttps://francosf.com/
Frontera Fresco170 Ofarrell Sthttp://www.fronterafresco.com
Gordo Taqueria1239 9th Avehttp://gordotaqueria.co
Gordo Taqueria2252 Clement Sthttp://gordotaqueria.co
Gordo Taqueria5450 Geary Blvdhttp://gordotaqueria.co
Gracias Madre2211 Mission Sthttps://www.gracias-madre.com
La Corneta2834 Diamond Sthttps://www.lacorneta.com/locations.html
La Fonda712 Irving Sthttps://www.lafondasantafe.com
La Laguna3906 3rd Sthttp://orderlalaguna.com
La Palma Mexicatessen2884 24th Sthttp://www.lapalmasf.com
La Parrilla Grill2801 Folsom Sthttps://gcd.com/protected
La Paz Restaurant Pupuseria1028 Potrero Avehttps://foodeist.com/place/la-paz-san-francisco-2
La Posada2298 Fillmore Sthttps://cafelamed.com
La Quinta Restaurant2425 Mission Sthttps://quintasf.com
La Tapatia Mexicatessen411 Grand Avehttps://www.latapatiassf.com
La Torta Gorda2833 24th Sthttp://latortagorda.com
La Urbana661 Divisadero Sthttps://www.laurbanasf.com
La Vaca Birria2962 24th Sthttps://www.lavacabirria.com
Las Isletas Restaurant4508 3rd Sthttp://www.lasisletasrestaurantsanfrancisco.com
Las Palmeras2723 Mission Sthttp://laspalmerasrestaurantsanfrancisco.gastrobars.com
Little Chihuahua292 Divisadero Sthttps://www.thelittlechihuahua.com
Little Chihuahua4123 24Th Sthttps://www.thelittlechihuahua.com
Little Chihuahua581 Valencia Sthttps://www.thelittlechihuahua.com
Loqui3609 18th Sthttp://www.eatloqui.com
Los Compadres116 Grand Avehttps://loscompadreslbc.com
Los Cuates Taqueria140 Hazelwood Drhttps://dinehere.us/loscuatestaqueria
Los Planes De Renderos12 Persia Avehttps://losplanesderenderospupuseriasanfrancisco.cafecityguide.website
Los Yaquis324 S Van Ness Avehttps://gcd.com/protected
Manitas Cafe2078 Hayes Sthttps://www.manitascafesf.com/catering
Matador679 Sutter Sthttps://matadorsf.com
Mateo's1455 Market Sthttps://mateos-brunch-restaurant.business.site
Mercury Cafe201 Octavia Sthttp://www.mercurycafe.net
Mestiza Taqueria595 Bryant Sthttps://www.mestizasf.com
Mexico Tipico4581 Mission Sthttps://web.ineons.com/mexicotipico
Mezcalito2323 Polk Sthttps://www.mezcalitosf.com
Mf Chicken1548 Stockton Sthttps://www.tacolicious.com/mf-chicken
Mi Yucatan2845 Mission Sthttps://www.miyucatansf.com
Miraloma Market755 Portola Drhttp://www.taqueriamiraloma.com
Mosto741 Valencia Sthttps://www.mostobar.com
Nick's Crispy Tacos1500 Broadwayhttps://www.nickscrispytacos.com
Orale Orale113 Sacramento Sthttps://oraleorale.com
Origen2948 Folsom Sthttps://www.origensf.com
Otra682 Haight Sthttps://www.otrasf.com
Padrecito901 Cole Sthttps://www.padrecitosf.com/home
Pancho's3440 Geary Blvdhttps://www.sfpanchos.com/about-us
Pancho s Salsa Bar & Grill1639 Polk Sthttps://www.sfpanchos.com
Pancho Villa Taqueria3071 16th Sthttp://orderpanchovillataqueria.com
Panzon53 Stevenson Sthttps://www.thepanzon.com
Papito Hayes425 Hayes St Ste Ahttps://www.papitohayessf.com/visit
Pasilla Mexican Grill359 Kearny Sthttps://www.pasillagrill.co
Pasion737 Irving Sthttps://www.frescasf.com
Paula's Cafe488 Haight Sthttps://www.paulascafesf.com/contact
Pedro's Cantina128 King Sthttps://www.pedroscantina.com
Plaza Garibaldy475 California Sthttp://plaza-garibaldy.com
Poc-Chuc Restaurant2886 16th Sthttps://www.poc-chucrestaurant.com
Pollo Campero90 Charter Oak Avehttps://www.campero.com/country/select
Puerto Alegre546 Valencia Sthttps://www.puertoalegresf.net
Red Cafe2894 Mission Sthttp://www.redcafesf.net
Regalito Rosticeria3481 18th Sthttp://www.sfregalito.com/dinner
Reina's Restaurants5479 Mission Sthttps://www.reinasrestaurant.com
Roosevelt Tamale Parlor2817 24th Sthttps://www.rooseveltsipneat.com/contact
Rosa Mexicano30 Mission Sthttps://www.rosamexicano.com
Rosa Mexicano30 Mason Sthttps://www.rosamexicano.com
San Buena Taco TruckShotwell & 16th Sthttp://www.tacosanbuena.com
Santeria2251 Market Sthttps://santeria-sf.com
Street Taco1607 Haight Sthttps://streettacosf.com
Street Taco83 9th Sthttps://streettacosf.com
Street Taco980 16th Sthttps://streettacosf.com
Sunset Cantina3414 Judah Sthttps://sunsetcantinasf.com/info
Taco Bell691 Eddy Streethttps://locations.tacobell.com/ca/san-francisco/691-eddy-street.html
Taco Bell199 Airport Boulevardhttps://locations.tacobell.com/ca/south-san-francisco/199-airport-boulevard.html
Taco Bell465 El Camino Realhttps://locations.tacobell.com/ca/south-san-francisco/465-el-camino-real.html
Taco Boys2312 Market Sthttps://www.tacoboys.net
Taco Los Altos737 Cortland Avehttps://tacolosaltos.com
Taco Lovin1525 Pine Sthttp://sfgrubstake.com/eatlovin
Taco Shop At Underdogs1824 Irving Sthttps://underdogstres.com
Tacobar2401 California Sthttps://415tacobar.com
Tacorea809 Bush Sthttps://tacorea.com
Tacorgasmico2337 Market Sthttps://tacorgasmicosf.com
Taqueria Cancun2288 Mission Sthttp://cafes-world.com
Taqueria Castillo B86 Mcallister Sthttps://taqueria-castillo.com
Taqueria Cazadores1600 Mission Sthttp://ordertaqueriacazadores.com/index.php
Taqueria Celaya608 Linden Ave Shttps://taqueriacelaya.com
Taqueria El Buen Sabor699 Valencia Sthttps://www.taqueriaelbuensabor.com/menu-taqueria-san-francisco-elbuens
Taqueria Guadalajara4798 Mission Sthttp://www.lataqueriaguadalajara.com
Taqueria Guadalajara3146 24th Sthttps://www.taqueriasguadalajara.com
Taqueria La Cumbre515 Valencia Sthttps://www.tlctaco.com
Taqueria La Iguana Azul928 Geneva Avehttps://blueiguana415.com
Taqueria La Morena307 Baden Avehttp://orderlamorenataqueria.com/index.php
Taqueria La Paz305 Turk Sthttps://www.yelp.ca/biz/taqueria-la-paz-san-francisco-2
Taqueria Las Pencas319 Baden Avehttps://www.taqueria-las-pencas.com
Taqueria Los Coyotes3036 16th Sthttp://taquerialoscoyotes.com/contact_us.php
Taqueria Los Mayas331 Clement Sthttps://taquerialosmayassf.com/delivery
Taqueria Mana439 Stockton Sthttps://www.taqueriamanaca.com
Taqueria Mila214 Townsend Sthttps://www.taqueriamilasf.com
Tato4608 3rd Sthttps://www.tatosf.com
The City Taqueria1836 Divisadero Sthttps://thecitytaqueria.vpweb.com/contact
The Little Chihuahua1431 Polk Sthttps://www.thelittlechihuahua.com
The Little Chihuahua4123 24th Sthttps://www.thelittlechihuahua.com/news
The Market Tapas Bar1355 Market Sthttps://visitthemarket.com/shops
Tia Margarita Mexican Restaurant300 19th Avehttps://tiamargarita-sf.com
Tlaloc Sabor Mexicano525 Commercial Sthttps://sabormexicano.com
Toma3318 Steiner Sthttps://www.tomasf.com
Tommy's Mexican Restaurant5929 Geary Blvdhttp://tommystequila.com
Tres Tequila Lounge & Mexican Kitchen130 Townsend Sthttps://www.merkadosf.com/contact
Tropisueno75 Yerba Buena Lnhttps://tropisueno.com/gallery
Una Mas1 Market Sthttps://sanfrancisco.orderunamas.com
Una Senorita Gourmet831 York Sthttps://unasenoritagourmet.wordpress.com/about
Underdogs Cantina128 King Sthttps://underdogscantina.com
Underdogs Too3600 Taraval Sthttps://underdogstoo.com
Underdogs Tres1224 9th Avehttps://underdogstres.com
Velvet Cantina3349 23Rd Sthttp://www.velvetcantina.com
Zona Rosa1797 Haight Sthttps://www.zonarosa.com

Did we leave your restaurant off the list? Send us the info and we’ll be sure to add it.

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Fast food, casual dining, elegant cuisine – San Francisco’s Mexican restaurants cover the gamut. Get out there and try them all. Dedicated chefs and restaurant staff work diligently to offer the best food and ambiance.

And, bookmark the San Francisco guide for more of the best. The hits just keep coming!

By the way, visit our Best Mexican Food in San Francisco page written by another local expert. You’ll find a few of the top five appear on both lists.