Every Bit Helps! Here are Senior Discounts

15 Senior Discounts – Dining, Travel, Entertainment, and Shopping!

These days, 70 may be the new 50, and 60 may be the new 40 but when it comes to better prices, you may want to share your age loudly and proudly.
While some companies and organizations take great care to promote their senior discounts, for others, it’s a well-kept secret. From insurance to dining to travel and entertainment, there are a plethora of deals of which seniors can take advantage. By no means does our shortlist cover everything but it’s a start.
The following list is geared more toward cities in the United States. For discounts in the United Kingdom, we have a UK Senior Discount page just for you.

travel discounts for seniors, senior travel discounts

Travel Discounts

When you’re sitting down to Expedia or Hotels.com and reviewing already discounted pricing, you may not even be thinking about a senior discount. But, if you comply with the age requirement, there’s a possibility that you could get an even sweeter deal by going directly to the source.
The following are just a few of the ongoing travel offerings specifically for senior citizens.

Marriott Hotels

With more than 4,000 global locations, Marriott is a great go-to for a 15% or more discount on the regular room rate. The deal is available seven days a week to guests 62 and over.
Visit Marriott’s senior citizen page for more information and a direct booking link.

Choice Hotels

Another hotel chain honors seniors with an ongoing discount. You don’t have to say Badda Book, Badda Boom to take advantage of 10% off the regular rates. You can call and request the senior rate for hotels including Quality Inn, Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn, and other brands. But, you can also head to the Choice Hotels website and select Senior/AARP to have the deal automatically applied.
The only requirement to take advantage of this particular bargain is that you’re 60 or over, or be an AARP member.

Best Western Hotels

 The more than 4,000 worldwide Best Western hotel locations also have a senior discount that’s good for 15% off room rates. You only have to be 55 to take advantage of it. However, you will need to make a specific inquiry, as it’s not available in every location.
There’s a search function on the senior discount page on bestwestern.com.

United Airlines

 Like Choice Hotels, you don’t have to call in to claim a senior discount with United Airlines, as there’s an option when you make a reservation. United doesn’t post a specific discount rate, as it varies depending on the particular flight.
Discount tickets are offered to seniors 65 and older, and the United Airlines website has a dedicated Senior Travelers section.


 You don’t have to take the sky to take advantage of an across-the-border deal. Amtrak has a 10% discount for 65 and over travelers in the United States. However, it’s extended to 60 and up for passengers heading to and from Canada with Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada.
The senior passenger discount page on Amtrak.com details the opportunities and restrictions.

dining discounts for senior, senior discounts

Dining Deals

 Whether you’re dining out in your own hometown or taking advantage of a senior travel discount and want to stretch your budget even more on vacation, it’s worth it to look into restaurants with special deals.
There is a downside to senior dining, though. You may find that restaurants don’t widely publicize their deals, and many neglects to include a mention on their websites. So, we’re just highlighting just a few that have officially published their senior citizen offerings.


 IHOP offers special menu items for anyone 55 and over. One of their most popular breakfasts, which is discounted includes the Rise ‘n Shine with eggs, toast, hash browns, and bacon or sausage for just $7.75.

Outback Steakhouse

 Instead of an age requirement, Outback partners with AARP for its senior discount program. If you’re an AARP member, you get 10% off your entire lunch or dinner check. Your blooming onion is a better deal, but alcohol is full price.


 If you’re 55 or older, Denny’s has an entire menu just for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or takeout. To take advantage of the discount, just order off of the custom menu.

Shopping Discounts

Unlike restaurants, which aren’t forthcoming about senior citizen specials, some retailers put their senior discounts front and center. While you may be limited to a certain day or specific items, it pays to plan.


 What are you doing on Wednesday? If you’re free mid-week, then it’s worth taking a shopping trip, as Kohl’s provides a 15% discount each week. The deal is extended to shoppers who are 60 and over, and as you look so youthful, be prepared to show your ID.

Goodwill Senior Savings Day

 In addition to the already discounted prices on donated items, seniors 60 and over get to take another 10% off the bottom line. Goodwill Senior Savings Day is held every Tuesday.

Walgreens Seniors Days

 Walgreens has a variety of senior discount opportunities that change monthly. To take advantage, you need to either be 55 and over or an AARP member. Plus, you also need the free Walgreens Balance Rewards card. The Seniors Day page has regularly updated information. So, it’s handy to check in often.

entertainment discounts for seniors, senior ticket discounts

Entertainment Deals

 Great deals on things to do are always desirable, whether you’re a senior or a teenager. Fortunately, there is a wide range of discounts that should accommodate everyone’s taste.

Cinemark Theaters

 Every day is Seniors Day at Cinemark Theaters. You can take advantage of a ticket discount on any screening. If you purchase your tickets online, you’ll see an option for Senior pricing, which is typically just above the child’s ticket price. So, you should save a few dollars.
Tip: If you’re a regular moviegoer, you may want to join the Cinemark Movie Club. It’s just $8.99 a month and you get one free 2D ticket to use. You can also buy your other seats for just $8.99 as well. Additionally, you’ll get 20% off concessions, and that may be the biggest benefit of all!

OTL Seat Fillers

 If you enjoy plays and musicals, as well as comedy shows, music, and other live events, then OTL Seat Fillers may be the way to go to stretch your entertainment budget. Seat fillers receive a pair of free tickets to a variety of local shows and never pay a dime for any of the tickets.
Membership is discounted for seniors who pay around ten dollars a month. That’s all-inclusive dues providing free pairs of show tickets.

AMC Theatres

Like Cinemark, AMC Theatres also offers a senior discount on tickets for any of its movies. Additionally, if you’re an AMC Stubs member, you can take advantage of $5 Tuesdays.

United States National Parks

 The government has a variety of National Park passes, and seniors have two options for admission into the parks and federal recreational lands. If you’re 62 or older, you can buy an annual pass for $20. But, if you plan on frequent use, you may be better off investing in a lifetime pass for just $90, including the processing fee.

Verifying Senior Discounts

 While these offers just scratch the surface of what’s available for senior citizens, they do show that research can help to stretch your budget.
In verifying these deals, though, we did find that some of the published information elsewhere online has expired. Also, there are plenty of other opportunities that aren’t promoted but are extended upon request. So, it never hurts to ask…