Time Traveling is Possible at Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta

Time Travel to the Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta

In the era of the COVID pandemic, many indoor theaters (both large and small) across the US have temporarily (or even permanently closed). This heartbreaking loss of film culture is unfortunate. Still, one positive side effect is the dramatically renewed interest in drive-in theaters because it allows you to stay in your own car.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that social distancing is the only reason to head to an Atlanta drive-in. If you haven’t been in a while (or ever), you might forget that the car-movie combo is perfect for a date night, family outing, or just something to do that’s affordable and different.

The One and Only Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta

Just 10-15 minutes southeast of downtown Atlanta you’ll find the Starlight Drive-In, and it’s a must-do in 2021!

The Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta opened in 1949 (over 70 years ago!) with just one massive screen. In 1956, they added a second screen, and in 1983 they added four more. That’s because movies under the stars are something special – whether in the 1940s or 2020s.

In 1998 when the area’s only other drive-in closed down, Starlight rose to exclusive status. It may be the only one now, but it’s still the best! The owners have respected the history of the establishment and maintained the blast from the past classic 50’s art-deco aesthetic.

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Where to Find the Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta

Directions are relatively simple.

Heading to Starlight from the North

The easiest way to get there is probably to take I-20 (eastbound or westbound) and take the Moreland Ave SE exit going south, continue about 3 miles, and you’ll find the Starlight Drive-In on the left side. If you drive by a cemetery, you’ve gone too far and should turn around.

Starlight Drive-in Directions from the South

When you’re coming from south of Atlanta, go eastbound on I-285 and take the US-23 North Moreland Ave SE exit and go north about three miles. Starlight Drive-In will be on the right side. If you drive by a Sonic, you’ve gone too far. Resist the temptation for a Cherry Lime Sprite and turn around.

Contact or Find Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta

2000 Moreland Ave. SE

Atlanta, GA  30316


Concessions at the Starlight Drive-in in Atlanta

If you want snacks, don’t forget to take advantage of a good deal when you see one, as combos give you more bang for your buck.

With the purchase of a large popcorn, you get a free medium fountain drink, and with regular nachos, you get a free small fountain drink.

The Starlight Snack Bar also offers standard movie fare, like an assortment of candy. But it’s also known for Mexican Food offerings. So, you don’t need to stop for dinner ahead of time (yes, we know Sonic is a possibility, but try something new).

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Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta Ticket Pricing

Admission is $10 for drivers and each passenger ten years or older (let’s hope the driver is over ten!).

The younger ones are only a buck apiece.

Pick Your Spot

Also, keep in mind that parking spaces are first-come, first-serve. So, if you want one of the best spots to view the movie, you should plan to arrive as close to gate-opening as possible.

  • Monday through Thursday: 45 minutes before showtime
  • Friday and Saturday: 90 minutes before showtime
  • Sunday: 60 minutes before showtime

Where are the Speakers at the Atlanta Drive-In?

Please note that the sound comes from your car radio. You should also ensure that your battery is strong enough to power your radio throughout the film. However, if the unexpected happens, the staff are willing to jump-start your car for free if your battery just can’t take it anymore.

Don’t make the staff pull out the jumper cables, though. If you’re in doubt, pack a boom box (do they still have those?).

Drive-In Tips for Newbies

A Few Tips for Newbies to the Starlight Drive-In in Atlanta

  • Visa, Mastercard, other debit cards, and cash are accepted
  • Large SUVs need to park toward the back, so they don’t obstruct other vehicles’ views
  • You can open your hatchback – but only if it doesn’t extend above the roof of your car
  • Starlight provides both a Snack Bar and restrooms
  • Vehicles are parked at least 10’ apart
  • No wifi is available on site
  • Open seven days a week

More Than Movies at Atlanta’s Starlight Drive-In

When the sun is out, the screens go dark. But that doesn’t mean that the drive-in goes to sleep on the weekend.

Every Saturday and Sunday (6 am to 3 pm,) the Starlight Drive-In hosts a flea market that’s open to the public. You could always make a day of it and head the flea market as late as possible, grab an early dinner and maybe do a little shopping elsewhere, and then it’s movie time!

Movies Under the Stars and More To Do in Atlanta

If you’re looking for a great night watching movies under the stars with your family, friends, and community, look no further than the Starlight Drive-in in Atlanta. Going retro is cool now!

Inside, outside, Atlanta is filled with fun activities, and OTL is your hookup to free tickets to them. Seat Filling is coming back in the summer of 2021, so be sure to check out OTL Seat Fillers.

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