Sushi in Portland – We’ve Got the Best

Sushi in Portland – We’ve Got the Best!

For Sushi in Portland, We’ve Got the Best

If you’re an enthusiast looking for sushi in Portland, Oregon, you’re blessed to have a fantastic collection of top-notch options. Nearly every area in the city has its favorite go-to. They range from small take-out areas like Saburo’s to classy spots with great taste and sights, like Departure.

The sushi varies from classic maki and rolls to the latest rolls with occasionally bizarre mixtures. It appears that vegan sushi is usually acknowledged as a standard, and offered almost everywhere. Plus, there’s conveyor-belt sushi, giving fast and tasty fresh food.

Sushi is rapidly transforming into a healthy and balanced variation of junk food.

Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi is a small string of professional, sustainable sushi spots, a pioneer of its kind worldwide.

This “best of” pick uses sustainable resources to make fresh seafood and meat. Bamboo Sushi recipes for their consumers are innovative, including original sushi with other Japanese taste treats.

12th Avenue Location

Their Portland location on 12th Avenue has a contemporary Japanese design. There’s a huge wall painting, and lots of reused timber, in line with their particular sustainability beliefs.

Try a selection of their best sushi, including Highway THIRTY-FIVE, with reddish crab, hot and spicy sesame aioli, cucumber, avocado, large size bean, sake-poached apples, tempura snacks, eel sauce recipe, and tobiko. Bamboo Sushi and high quality go hand in hand.

Bamboo Sushi

Five locations including 404 SW 12th Ave. in Portland

Hours at that location: Sunday-Thursday 11:30 am to 9:30 pm; til 10 pm on Friday and Saturday

Website: Bamboo Sushi

Departure Restaurant and Lounge

On top of the upscale Nines Resort, Chef Gregory Gourdet waves his powerful wand and creates a great Asian-fusion food. The delicious recipes at Departure Restaurant and Lounge are centered on seafood that’s a visual delight for consumers.

The environment is beyond this world, with a sizeable white breathing space. It allows you to experience the city courtesy of floor-to-ceiling windows. Additionally, there’s a huge deck ideal for enjoying the sun and one of the Departure’s beautiful cocktails.

The menu is pretty huge, with lots of exciting seafood mixtures, including a minor variety of sushi with osetra caviar. It’s among the list of rare spots for late-night sushi.

Departure Restaurant and Lounge

525 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97204

Hours : Sunday-Thursday 4 pm to 11 pm; til 12 am on Friday and Saturday

Website: Departure Restaurant and Lounge

Samurai Blue Sushi & Sake

Samurai Blue is a fantastic advanced Japanese cafe in Portland famous for the Korean and Japanese minor dishes, a big collection of sushi dishes, hibachi, and original sake cocktails.

The simple decoration puts the spotlight on a huge wall painting of Hokusai’s Great Tides.

Sushi selections vary from traditional and simple foods to unique house-designed recipes. How about a rainfall with trout, avocado, cream cheese, sundried tomato, balsamic teriyaki marinades, and basil, all cooked in tempura mixture? If it rains, you get a discount. The menu puts forward a vast collection of interesting drinks and beverages, along with a small but decent wine selection.

Samurai Blue Sushi & Sake Bar

Location: 3807 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR

Hours : Lunch M-F 11:30 am to 2 pm; Dinner starts at 5 pm; Saturday-Sunday 5 pm – 1 am

Reservations: Samurai Blue Sushi & Sake Bar

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Marinepolis Sushi Land

Marinepolis Sushi Land is a beautiful string of small, modest, and superb spots with franchises throughout Portland.

Loyal customers appreciate the delicious, yet economical conveyor-belt sushi. Meals are cooked while you watch.

Special offers are available but usually take more time to prepare. You’ll find no surprise on the regular menu. However, the fish is delicious, and the portions are enormous. So it is no surprise that many customers are students. Besides sushi, Marinepolis also offers a few Japanese recipes, including udon noodles and Tsubugai.

Marinepolis Sushi Land

Location: 139 NW 10th Street, Portland, OR

Hours: 11 am to 9 pm daily

Website: Marinepolis Sushi Land

Masu Sushi

Situated on the second floor of the construction near to the brink of Pearl is Masu Sushi.

The venue is an enjoyable upscale destination with up-to-date middle-century decor and a well-stocked pub. Masu has been around now for more than seven years, providing outstanding Japanese service.

The genuine sushi is prepared with the most excellent seafood available. Portions are enormous – the sushi is available in eight pieces, ideal for sharing. The pub gives a vast collection of top-quality sake and special drinks.

Masu Sushi

Location: 406 SW 13th Ave, Portland, OR

Hours: M-Thurs 11:30 am – 11 pm; Fri 11:30 – 12 am; Sat 4 pm – 12 am; Sun 4 pm – 10 pm

Website: Masu Sushi

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Mio Sushi

Mio Sushi is a string of sixteen family-operated full-service Japanese restaurants in Oregon and Washington.

A comfortable atmosphere is made by fun booths, which usually compel families to come for customary blend Japanese-west coast meals.

Wide Variety and Lunch Specials

Mio Sushi uses the most exquisite seafood for its fabulous sushi. The big collection starts from traditional favorites, which include maki rolls to more innovative types like the Samurai with hot and spicy salmon, white-colored fish, onion, as well as crab folded in panko.

Besides sushi, Mio offers Japanese classics, including chicken teriyaki and tonkatsu. Their particular lunchtime special is a great deal, and it comes with miso soups and vegetables.

Mio Sushi

Location: 2271 NW Johnson St, Portland, OR 97210

Hours: M-Th 11:30 am -9:30 pm; Fri 11:30 am to 10 pm, Sat 12 pm – 10 pm

Website: Mio Sushi

Saburo’s Sushi House

Saburo’s Sushi House is a no-frills small cornerstone dining establishment inside the Sellwood-Moreland community. The line of devotees begins forming at least an hour before the restaurant opens. That drill has been going on since 1988.

Lengthy Menu

The fame of this eating spot is entirely justified by a large amount of great-tasting super-fresh sushi rolls, nigiri, tempura, and marinated tuna dish. The menu is enormous; you will find something for everyone in this place, as well as the right deals.

They offer sesame seeds and a special dip sauce. Saburo’s also has an elegant selection of cold and scorching sake, beer, and wine.

**No Reservations at this restaurant; waitlist only

Saburo’s Sushi House

Location: 1667 SE Bybee Blvd, Portland, OR

Hours: M-Th 5 pm – 9:30 pm; Fri 5 pm – 10:30 pm; Sat 4:30 pm  – 10 pm;  Sun 4:30 pm – 9 pm

Website: Saburo’s Sushi House


It’s a brand-new sushi pub in the downtown area of Portland, and Sensei is providing traditional conveyor belt sushi dishes.

Sensei’s decorating scheme is pleasant. It’s a small and tidy little restaurant. Seafood and other ingredients are super fresh, plus the options are significant and should fall in line with every guest’s favorites.


Location: Location: 710 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR

Hours: Mon-Sat 11 am to 9 pm; Sundays 12 pm to 8 pm

Website: Sensei

Beyond the Best Sushi in Portland

The next time you’re looking to try something new, give one of the area’s best a try. You’re sure to find something that suits your taste, and it’s always fun to find a new go-to to add to your list of favorites.

Also, check back often for food and restaurant updates. Plus, we’ve got the OTL Seat Fillers Club if you love live entertainment just like you appreciate good food. Free pairs of tickets for less than $5 a month? Yup, it’s true!