London Fashion: What to Wear for Christmas Parties

Dec 5, 2019


We're fortunate to be able to give you a personal stylist for Christmas and New Year's Eve this year. "Your Everyday Millennial" has put together three custom collections. You've got What to Wear for "Christmas Work Parties," "Christmas with Family," and right on into "New Year's Eve Parties."

Just adding one item can make all of the difference, so we've got the hook up for you. Not only are there individual items that will do the trick, but the links you can use to purchase any of them. When you look good, you feel good, so find your go-to signature piece of the season and show off your fabulousness!

What to wear to the ‘Big Three’ of the Silly Season

December is the month of spending, receiving, and giving. It’s also the time of having no weekends free thanks to work Christmas parties, family lunches and dinners with friends.

Sometimes presents aren’t the only thing we have to splash some cash on and with all these parties means a whole new wardrobe! So here’s a guide on how to dress for the big three this holiday season.

What to Wear for Christmas Parties

When it comes to an obvious starting tip for what to wear for Christmas work parties (or what not to wear), it boils down to one thing.

Don’t dress like you’re about to go clubbing.

Modest dresses or jumpsuits are easy to find, especially in the Winter collections. To make it feel more festive, go with fabrics such as velvet or colours such as red, maroon, or green.

What to Wear for Family Christmas

Family lunches or dinners are always a hard one. There will always be an aunt or cousin who comments about what everyone else is wearing. So time to ignore the judgemental family members and go with you!

A casual knit (or even an ugly Christmas sweater), jeans, and honestly anything you find comfortable and allows you to eat as much as possible. After all, it is a special day!

Glam it Up - What to Wear on New Year's Eve

I have one word… Sequins!

The more festive, glittery, and shinier, the better. So, say goodbye to the extravagant and crazy ‘10s’ in the most flamboyant and crazy way possible.

Note: If you're not going to a sequin-friendly environment then, by all means, refer back to the "what to wear for Christmas parties" section.

Did You Find Your Answer to "What to Wear for Christmas Parties?"

We went beyond the Christmas party into New Year's Eve, but there's crossover with some of these items.

Something you may also find is that the majority of them are extremely budget conscious. Except for just a few of the premium items, you can buy one of these pieces for under £50 and mix and match with your own wardrobe to create something special.

So, hopefully, we've answered the What to wear for Christmas parties question without busting your budget.

Your Everyday Millennial

If you like the styles chosen by our guest stylist,  be sure to visit Your Everyday Millennial for more fashion tips for the holidays and well beyond.

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