Chicago Parks

The Best Chicago Parks Directory

Chicago is known for its parks (among so many other things!).

The city has nearly 8,000 acres of parks, which is more than any other city in the United States. The two most popular parks in Chicago are Millennium Park and Lincoln Park. Millennium Park is home to the famous Cloud Gate sculpture, as well as the Lurie Garden and the Crown Fountain.

Lincoln Park is one of the largest parks in the city, with over 1,200 acres of space. It’s home to the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and the Chicago History Museum. If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy the outdoors, Chicago is the perfect place to be, and we’ve got your guide and map to more than 300 Windy City parks.

Map of Chicago Parks – Click the green marker to reveal park locations

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Note: There are SO many parks in Chicago, we had to divide them into two maps.

More Chicago Parks – Click the green marker to reveal park locations

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Chicago, IL, parks in Chicago IL

Chicago Parks Directory

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Chicago ParksAddressCityStateZipWebsite
Adams Park7535 S Dobson AveChicagoIL60619
Adams Playground1919 N Seminary AveChicagoIL60614
Addams/Medill Park1301 West 14th StreetChicagoIL60608
Alfred Caldwell Lily PoolAnd North Stockon DriveChicagoIL60614
Archer Park4901 S Kilbourn AveChicagoIL60632
Armour Square Park3309 S Shields AveChicagoIL60616
Arrigo Park801 S Loomis StChicagoIL60607
Arrigo Park801 South Loomis StreetChicagoIL60607
Arvey Field1501 S Lake Shore DrChicagoIL
Auburn Park406 W Winneconna PkwyChicagoIL60620
Avondale Park3516 West School StreetChicagoIL60618
Battle Of Fort Dearborn Park1801 S Calumet AveChicagoIL60616
Bauler Playground501 W Wisconsin StChicagoIL60614
Beverly Park2460 W 102nd StChicagoIL60655
Bohn Park1966 W 111th StChicagoIL60643
Brainerd Park1246 W 92nd StChicagoIL60620
Brighton Park3501 S Richmond StChicagoIL60632
Brighton Playground2901-2929 S Richmond StChicagoIL
Broncho Billy Playlot Park4437 N Magnolia AveChicagoIL60640
Brown Memorial Park634 E 85th StChicagoIL60619
Buckingham Fountain301 South Columbus DriveChicagoIL60605
Burnside Park9400 S Greenwood AveChicagoIL60619
Buttercup Park Uptown4901 N Sheridan RdChicagoIL60640
Buttercup Playlot Park4901 North Sheridan RoadChicagoIL60640
Calumet Park9801 S Avenue GChicagoIL60617
Cascade Park200 N Harbor DrChicagoIL60601
Challenger Park1100 W Irving Park RdChicagoIL60613
Chestnut Park841 N Franklin StChicagoIL60610
Chestnut Playlot Park7001 S Dante AveChicagoIL60637
Chi Che Wang Park1762 W Diversey PkwyChicagoIL60614
Chicago Park Dist Hollywood3312 W Thorndale AveChicagoIL60659
Chicago Park District1824 S Wood StChicagoIL60608
Chicago Park District3020 N Oak Park AveChicagoIL60634
Chicago Park District6851 W Belden AveChicagoIL60707
Chicago Park District1301 W 52Nd StChicagoIL60609
Chicago Park District1 W Delaware PlChicagoIL60610
Chicago Park District330 E Monroe StChicagoIL60603
Chicago Park District5085 W Adams StChicagoIL60644
Chicago Park District4431 W Augusta BlvdChicagoIL60651
Chicago Park District2650 W Peterson AveChicagoIL60659
Chicago Park District6601 N Western AveChicagoIL60645
Chicago Park District305 N Kostner AveChicagoIL60624
Chicago Park District2200 N Oakley AveChicagoIL60647
Chicago Park District3546 W Addison StChicagoIL60618
Chicago Park District2509 W Irving Park RdChicagoIL60618
Chicago Park District6200 W Bloomingdale AveChicagoIL60639
Chicago Park District301 E 85Th StChicagoIL60619
Chicago Park District3501 N Kilbourn AveChicagoIL60641
Chicago Park District11250 S Ada StChicagoIL60643
Chicago Park District3721 W 111Th StChicagoIL60655
Chicago Park District7059 S South Shore DrChicagoIL60649
Chicago Park District1301 W 14Th StChicagoIL60608
Chicago Park District - Brands Park3259 N Elston AveChicagoIL60618
Chicago Park District - Smith Park2526 West Grand AvenueChicagoIL60612
Chicago Park District - Vittum Park5010 West 50th StreetChicagoIL60638
Chicago Park District Avalon1215 E 83Rd StChicagoIL60619
Chicago Park District Beverly2460 W 102Nd StChicagoIL60655
Chicago Park District Boxing4637 W 83Rd StChicagoIL60652
Chicago Park District Chase4701 N Ashland AveChicagoIL60640
Chicago Park District Columbus Park500 S Central AveChicagoIL60644
Chicago Park District Cragin2611 N Lockwood AveChicagoIL60639
Chicago Park District Dr Martin Luther King Jr Park Family1219 W 76Th StChicagoIL60620
Chicago Park District Dunham Park4638 N Melvina AveChicagoIL60630
Chicago Park District Emmerson Park1820 W Granville AveChicagoIL60660
Chicago Park District Foster Park1440 W 84Th StChicagoIL60620
Chicago Park District Fuller Recreation331 W 45Th PlChicagoIL60609
Chicago Park District Galewood Park5729 W Bloomingdale AveChicagoIL60639
Chicago Park District Gross2708 W Lawrence AveChicagoIL60625
Chicago Park District Independence3945 N Springfield AveChicagoIL60618
Chicago Park District Indoor Pools650 W Scott StChicagoIL60610
Chicago Park District Indoor Pools1330 W Chicago AveChicagoIL60642
Chicago Park District Indoor Pools5625 S Mobile AveChicagoIL60638
Chicago Park District Jr Field House11100 S Indiana AveChicagoIL60628
Chicago Park District Kelvyn4438 W Wrightwood AveChicagoIL60639
Chicago Park District Levin5458 S Lake Park AveChicagoIL60615
Chicago Park District Lincoln Park4921 N Marine DrChicagoIL60640
Chicago Park District Mather Park5835 N Lincoln AveChicagoIL60659
Chicago Park District Merrimac Park6343 W Irving Park RdChicagoIL60634
Chicago Park District Munroe2617 W 105Th StChicagoIL60655
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds1119 W Cullerton StChicagoIL60608
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds2941 N Washtenaw AveChicagoIL60618
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds4430 S Marshfield AveChicagoIL60609
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds721 N Central Park AveChicagoIL60624
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds8335 S Honore StChicagoIL60620
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds6153 S Carpenter StChicagoIL60621
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds4324 S Kedvale AveChicagoIL60632
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds49 E 95Th StChicagoIL60619
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds9501 S King DrChicagoIL60628
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds8930 S Muskegon AveChicagoIL60617
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds4822 N Long AveChicagoIL60630
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds6935 W Addison StChicagoIL60634
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds8051 S Chappel AveChicagoIL60617
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3111 E 77Th StChicagoIL60649
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds2936 W 85Th StChicagoIL60652
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3420 N Long AveChicagoIL60641
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds1246 W 92Nd StChicagoIL60620
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds501 E 90Th PlChicagoIL60619
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3045 E 83Rd StChicagoIL60617
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds965 W 95Th StChicagoIL60643
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds1809 W 50Th StChicagoIL60609
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds1845 W Rice StChicagoIL60622
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds2251 W 50Th PlChicagoIL60609
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds4247 W 31St StChicagoIL60623
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds4901 S Kenwood AveChicagoIL60615
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds745 W 45Th StChicagoIL60609
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds1401 S Sacramento DrChicagoIL60623
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds515 S Washtenaw AveChicagoIL60612
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds2725 W 41St StChicagoIL60632
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds2534 N Greenview AveChicagoIL60614
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds2036 N Avers AveChicagoIL60647
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds1743 W 73Rd StChicagoIL60636
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds5610 W Lake StChicagoIL60644
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds1518 W 102Nd PlChicagoIL60643
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds6205 N Sheridan RdChicagoIL60660
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds810 E 103Rd StChicagoIL60628
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds2820 E 98Th StChicagoIL60617
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds1552 W Schreiber AveChicagoIL60626
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds9650 S Avenue MChicagoIL60617
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds4615 W Jackson BlvdChicagoIL60644
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds5491 S Shore DrChicagoIL60615
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds7500 S Pulaski RdChicagoIL60652
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3939 W 79Th StChicagoIL60652
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds10714 S Sawyer AveChicagoIL60655
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds1222 W Touhy AveChicagoIL60626
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds11320 S Western AveChicagoIL60643
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds7340 N Rogers AveChicagoIL60626
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds1833 E 71St StChicagoIL60649
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3285 N Elston AveChicagoIL60618
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds2318 N Lavergne AveChicagoIL60639
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds8040 S Damen AveChicagoIL60620
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3044 S Bonfield StChicagoIL60608
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3225 S Racine AveChicagoIL60608
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3620 S Lituanica AveChicagoIL60609
Chicago Park District Parks & PlaygroundsE 88Th & S Clyde AvenueChicagoIL60607
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3417 S Hamilton AveChicagoIL60608
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3770 S Wentworth AveChicagoIL60609
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3658 S State StChicagoIL60609
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3113 S Rhodes AveChicagoIL60616
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds3748 S Prairie AveChicagoIL60653
Chicago Park District Parks & Playgrounds647 W Root StChicagoIL60609
Chicago Park District Paschen Park1932 W Lunt AveChicagoIL60626
Chicago Park District Ridge Park9625 S Longwood DrChicagoIL60643
Chicago Park District Simons1640 N Drake AveChicagoIL60647
Chicago Park District Southwest3344 W 71St StChicagoIL60629
Chicago Park District Strohacker4347 W 54Th StChicagoIL60632
Chicago Park District Touhy2106 W Adams StChicagoIL60612
Chicago Park District Valley Forge7001 W 59Th StChicagoIL60638
Chicago Park District-Gill Park825 W Sheridan RdChicagoIL60613
Chicago Parks Foundation541 N Fairbanks CtChicagoIL60611
Chicago Ridge Park District10736 Lombard AveChicago RidgeIL60415
Chicago Ridge Park Lily Pad6246 BirminghamChicago RidgeIL60415
Churchill Field Dog Park1825 N Damen AveChicagoIL60647
Churchill Field Park1825 North Damen AvenueChicagoIL60647
Clarendon Park4501 North Clarendon AvenueChicagoIL60640
Clemente Park2334 West Division StreetChicagoIL60622
Coliseum Park1466 S Wabash AveChicagoIL60605
Cornell Square Park1809 W 50th StChicagoIL60609
Cornerstone Lakes Park2199 Smith RdWest ChicagoIL60185
Cricket Hill4500 N Lake Shore DrChicagoIL
Crown Fountain201 E Randolph St Millennium ParkChicagoIL60601
Curie Park4949 S Archer AveChicagoIL60632
D'angelo Park438 S Franklin StChicagoIL
Dearborn Park865 S Park TerChicagoIL60605
Dearborn Park865 South Park TerraceChicagoIL60605
Debow Playlot Park1126 E 80th StChicagoIL60619
Diversey Playground141 W Diversey PkwyChicagoIL60657
Dr. Wanda Daniels Parks3001 Green Bay RdNorth ChicagoIL60064
Dunbar Park300 E 31St StChicagoIL60616
Dunbar Playground220 E 29th StChicagoIL
Easton Park850 E Washington StWest ChicagoIL60185
Eckhart Park1330 W Chicago AveChicagoIL60642
Edmonds (Molly) Park711 W 60th PlChicagoIL60621
Ehrler (William) Park2230 W Cortland StChicagoIL
Euclid Park9800 S Parnell AveChicagoIL60628
Fosco Park Community Center1312 S Racine AveChicagoIL60608
Foss Park Skateboard ParkFoss Park,1901 Foss Park AveNorth ChicagoIL
Foster Park1440 W 84th StChicagoIL60620
Freedom ParkBirmingham StChicago RidgeIL60415
Friends Of Filbert Playlot Park1822 W Larchmont AveChicagoIL60613
Frontier Park Field House9807 Sayre AveChicago RidgeIL60415
Fulton Park Playground366 N Jefferson StChicagoIL60661
Fulton River Park366-380 N Jefferson StChicagoIL60661
Garden of the Phoenix5800 South Lake Shore DriveChicagoIL60637
Gateway Park2850 W Columbus AveChicagoIL60652
Grand Crossing Park7655 S Ingleside AveChicagoIL60619
Haas Park Playground2402 N Washtenaw AveChicagoIL60647
Hamilton Park513 W 72nd StChicagoIL60621
Hamlin Park3035 N Hoyne AveChicagoIL60618
Harold Washington Playground9129 S Greenwood AveChicagoIL60619
Harris Park6200 S Drexel AveChicagoIL60637
Heritage Green Park610-30 W Adams StChicagoIL60661
Hermitage Park5839 S Wood StChicagoIL60636
Hickory Playlot Park4834 N Winthrop AveChicagoIL60640
Hoard Playground Park7201 S Dobson AveChicagoIL60619
Hodges Park352 E 16th StChicago HeightsIL60411
Indian Boundary Park2500 W Lunt AveChicagoIL60645
Indian Hill WoodsCampbell AveChicago HeightsIL
Industrious Millennium Park24 E Washington St 8Th FlChicagoIL60602
Jackson Park6401 S Stony Island AveChicagoIL60637
Jirtle Park26TH St & Union AveChicago HeightsIL60411
Jones Mary Richardson1214 S Plymouth CtChicagoIL60605
Jonquil Park1023 W Wrightwood AveChicagoIL60614
Juniper Park3652 N Greenview AveChicagoIL60613
Kathy Osterman Beach5800 N Lake Shore DrChicagoIL60657
Kelly Park2725 W 41st StChicagoIL60632
Kelly Playlot Park3800 N Seminary AveChicagoIL60613
Kelvyn Park4438 W Wrightwood AveChicagoIL60639
Kennicott Park4434 S Lake Park AveChicagoIL60653
Kinzie Park400 N Canal StChicagoIL60654
Kosciuszko Park2732 N Avers AveChicagoIL60647
La Villita Park2800 S Sacramento AveChicagoIL60623
Lake County Forest Preserve1215 Green Bay RdNorth ChicagoIL60064
Lake Meadows Park3117 S Rhodes AveChicagoIL60616
Lake Shore East Park411 E Benton PlChicagoIL60601
Lane Beach Park5915 North Sheridan RoadChicagoIL60660
Legion Park3200 W Hollywood AveChicagoIL60659
Legion Park3200 West Hollywood AvenueChicagoIL60659
Lincoln Park Cultural Center2045 N Lincoln Park WChicagoIL60614
Lincoln Playground - Morrie Mages3920 N Recreation DrChicagoIL
Lindblom Park6054 S Damen AveChicagoIL60636
Logan Square Skate Park2430 West Logan BoulevardChicagoIL60647
Lorraine Hansberry Park5635 S Indiana AveChicagoIL60637
Lorraine L Dixon Park8701 S Dauphin AveChicagoIL60619
Lowe (Samuel) Park5203 S Lowe AveChicagoIL60609
Loyola Park1230 W Greenleaf AveChicagoIL60626
Lucy Ella Gonzales Parsons Park4712 West Belmont AvenueChicagoIL60641
Lucy Flower Park2554 West Moffat StreetChicagoIL60647
Maggie Daley Park337 E Randolph DrChicagoIL60601
Mahalia Jackson Park8407 S Kerfoot AveChicagoIL60620
Margaret Donahue Park1230 W School StChicagoIL60657
Margaret Donahue Park1230 West School StreetChicagoIL60657
Margaret Hie Ding Lin Park1735 S State StChicagoIL60616
Margate Field House4921 N Marine DrChicagoIL60640
Mariano Park1031 N State StChicagoIL60610
Marquette Park6743 S Kedzie AveChicagoIL60629
Mcinerney Park745 W 45th StChicagoIL60609
Mckinley Dog ParkPershing &,S Western BlvdChicagoIL
Mckinley Park2210 W Pershing RdChicagoIL60609
Merrill Park2198 E 97th StChicagoIL60617
Meyering Park7140 S King DrChicagoIL60619
Michael J. Madigan Sr. Park4701 W 67th StChicagoIL
Millennium Park201 E Randolph StChicagoIL60601
Montgomery Playground Park6600 S Talman AveChicagoIL60629
Moran Park5727 S Racine AveChicagoIL60636
Murray Park1743 W 73rd StChicagoIL60636
North Shore Beach Park1040 W North Shore AveChicagoIL60626
Oakdale Park965 W 95th StChicagoIL60643
Ogden Park6500 S Racine AveChicagoIL60636
Old Town Triangle Park1900 N Clark StChicagoIL60614
Oriole Park5430 North Olcott AvenueChicagoIL60656
Oz Park2021 N Burling StChicagoIL60614
Packingtown Playground Park4856 S Laflin StChicagoIL
Park 544 Playground3550 N Lincoln AveChicagoIL60657
Park 5742540 W Jackson BlvdChicagoIL60612
Park View Park430 E Grand AveChicagoIL60611
Pasteur Park5825 S Kostner AveChicagoIL60629
Periwinkle Playlot Park30 W 66th StChicagoIL
Pine Playlot Park9501 S Oglesby AveChicagoIL60617
Ping Tom Memorial Park1700 S Wentworth AveChicagoIL60616
Ping Tom Memorial Park300 West 19th StreetChicagoIL60616
Pioneer Park701 Lyman StWest ChicagoIL60185
Piotrowski Park4247 W 31st StChicagoIL60623
Pixel Park1200 W 35Th StChicagoIL60609
Portage Park4100 North Long AvenueChicagoIL60641
Prairie District Park300 E 21st / 2051 S. Prairie AveChicagoIL60616
Promontory Point5491 S Lake Shore DrChicagoIL60615
Pulaski Park4039 W Cermak RdChicagoIL60623
Ravenswood Manor Park4626 North Manor AvenueChicagoIL60625
Reed Keppler Park129 W National StWest ChicagoIL60185
Renaissance Park1300 W 79th StChicagoIL60620
River Esplanade Park401 E River DrChicagoIL60611
River Park5100 N Francisco AveChicagoIL60625
Robert Taylor Park39 W 47Th StChicagoIL60609
Russell Square Park3045 E 83rd StChicagoIL60617
Rutherford Sayre Park6871 West Belden AvenueChicagoIL60707
Ryan Harris Memorial Park6781 S Lowe AveChicagoIL60621
Sauk Trail Woods3028 Forest Preserve DrChicago HeightsIL
Sayre Park6871 W Belden AveChicagoIL60707
Scottsdale Park4637 W 83rd StChicagoIL60652
Seneca Park220 E Chicago AveChicagoIL60611
Senior Citizen Memorial Playlot Park2228 N Oakley AveChicagoIL60647
Seward Park375 W Elm StChicagoIL60610
Shedd Park3660 W 23Rd StChicagoIL60623
Sherman Playground -Se1159 W 54th StChicagoIL
Skinner Park1331 W Monroe StChicagoIL60607
Smith ParkAshland Ave & 14th PlChicago HeightsIL60411
Smith Park9912 S Princeton AveChicagoIL60628
Smith Park2526 W Grand AveChicagoIL60612
Snowberry Playlot Park1855 W Huron StChicagoIL60622
South Lakeview Park1300 W Wolfram StChicagoIL60657
Sun Yat-sen Park251 West 24th PlaceChicagoIL60616
Supera Park2528 N Racine AveChicagoIL60614
Supera Playground2522 N Racine AveChicagoIL
Taylor Lauridsen Park704 W 42Nd StChicagoIL60609
Touhy Park7348 N Paulina StChicagoIL60626
Trackside Chicago940 W Weed StChicagoIL60642
Trebes Park2250 N Clifton AveChicagoIL60614
Tuley Park501 E 90th PlChicagoIL60619
Vittum Park5010 W 50th StChicagoIL60638
Wacker Park1025 Lowe AveChicago HeightsIL60411
Wallace Park607 W 92nd StChicagoIL60620
Walnut Park3801 W 45th StChicagoIL60632
Ward Gardens1073-1199,S Indiana AveChicagoIL60605
Washington Park5531 S King DrChicagoIL60637
Washington Square Park901 N Clark StChicagoIL60610
Washtenaw Park2521 S Washtenaw AveChicagoIL60608
Weisman Park901 W Oakdale AveChicagoIL60657
Wentworth Park - Chicago Park District5799 South Narragansett AvenueChicagoIL60638
West Chatham Park8223 S Princeton AveChicagoIL60620
West Lawn Park4233 W 65Th StChicagoIL60629
West Loop 569 Bark ParkMonroe And LoomisChicagoIL60607
West Ridge Nature Preserve5801 North Western AvenueChicagoIL60659
Wicker Dog Friendly Area1425 N Damen AveChicagoIL60622
Wiggly Field2645 N Sheffield AveChicagoIL60614
Williams (Daniel Hale) Park2850 S State StChicagoIL
Williams Park2710 S Dearborn StChicagoIL60616
Wilson Playground1122 W 34Th PlChicagoIL60608
Wolfe Park3325 W 108Th StChicagoIL60655
Woodhull Park7340 S East End AveChicagoIL60649

Did we leave something off the list? Send us the info, and we’ll be sure to add it.

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Chicago Parks – FAQs

What are the biggest parks in Chicago?

Chicago has more parks than anywhere else in the country, but two of the most prominent (and largest) include Lincoln Park and Millennium Park (aka home of “The Bean”).

Where can I get a map of parks in the Chicago area?

The Chicago Guide on has a page dedicated to Chicago parks. It includes a map and a list of locations with park websites.