Tampa Multicultural Festival

Your Ticket to the Tampa Multicultural Festival 2021

Are you a performer? Do you want to be a volunteer? Or, are you interested in getting off the computer and out into the world? Here at OTL City Guides, we’re all about things to do, and we’ve got another one for you if you live in the Tampa Bay area.

Then, take your good old Google calendar out and circle November 6th. That’s the day you can explore customs and cultures from around the world in ReDefiners World Language’s annual Multicultural Festival.

Multicultural Festival

November 6, 2021 – 12 pm to 5 pm

Westshore Plaza

Tampa, FL 33609

Music, Dance, Vendors, Giveaways

Admission is Free!

More About the Tampa Multicultural Festival

Notes; The following is originally posted on the ReDefiners website.

“What is one thing that you’ve missed during the pandemic? For many people, the answer is traveling. There’s nothing like going to another country and experiencing its culture, food, and way of life.

Thanks to increasing vaccination rates and increased mask wearing, the Covid-19 case counts and hospitalization rates are starting to decrease in many parts of the country. Once vaccines are approved for elementary school-aged children, this will decrease the numbers even further. This has given many hope that the pandemic will be under control soon.

Even though there are signs that things are improving in the United States, this is still not the case in many countries. In many countries, the pandemic continues to make life difficult. As of this writing, many countries still have travel restrictions, especially for unvaccinated people. Because of this, it will likely be a while before international traveling reopens.”

What You’ll Experience

“Thankfully, ReDefiners World Languages has the next best option: our annual Tampa Multicultural Festival! Every year, we hold a festival that celebrates diversity through the arts in Tampa and the surrounding communities. This event will feature music, dancing, entertainment, opportunities to shop from local vendors, food, door prizes, and a silent auction. We will also have local performing arts organizations at the event to give you more information about their programs.

Are YOU a Performer? Interested in Sponsorship?

And we need your help to make it a success! We’re currently accepting vendors, performers, and sponsors for this year’s event.

Our festival will be held at the Westshore Plaza, a shopping mall that provides exclusive dining and shopping favorites to residents and tourists in the Tampa area. It offers over 100 retailers, and it’s easily accessible to nearby hotels and rental properties.

The mall will be open all day, meaning that there will be lots of opportunities to interact with potential customers. In fact, we expect to have over 800 unique visitors at the event, making this the perfect opportunity to advertise your organization, business, or performing arts group.

How to Participate

For more information about becoming a vendor, please visit our website. To apply as a performer, click here. To sponsor our festival (and advertise your business or organization) click here.

We’re also currently accepting volunteers to help us successfully run our event. If you would like to help make the event a success, please visit our website.

Covid-19 safety measures WILL be implemented during the event. We will frequently sanitize the event area, and we are limiting capacity to better facilitate social distancing. Masks are also strongly encouraged during the event.

Mark your calendars for this year’s Tampa Multicultural Festival, and we can’t wait to see you there!”

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