Ticketing for Less? We’ll Go You One Better

Ticketing for Less is Now Ticketing for Free

By Lu, OTL City Guides & Seat Fillers

So, Instead of waiting until the end for a big finish, I’m going to come out swinging with some good news about ticketing for less.

With OTL Seat Fillers’ new joint ticketing venture with Evvnt creating OTL City Guides Tickets, you’ll get ticketing for less, even if yours costs nothing more than a dollar total! That’s because our new mobile, touchless ticketing is free. While your customers still have a small fee attached (similar to other ticketing services), you don’t pay anything.

What that means is your setup is free, and you can choose any or all of our OTL City Guides Tickets tools for the same $0 price tag.

OTL City Guides Ticket locations

Where Can I Find OTL City Guides Tickets?

I’d love to say that OTL City Guides Tickets is everywhere. But we’re just getting started and are off and running in 10 U.S. locations. The following cities have dedicated OTL City Guides Tickets portals. If you’re an event promoter, marketer, or fundraiser, you can use the service for free. All you have to do is request a username for your organization.

Other Locations

Additionally, Evvnt has other ticketing portals with a similar service. And, the same situation applies as event promoters are good to go with zero budget!

On Tap Tix  – Indiana

North Coast Tickets – Eureka, California

970Tix – Grand Junction, CO

Portsmouth NH Tickets

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Benefits of High-Tech, Full-Service Ticket Sales

Incredibly, the programming gurus at Evvnt have come up with such a modern, high-tech, and easy-to-use service, and you get to use it for free.

One of the best parts about OTL City Guides Tickets is that it works for every situation. It’s an excellent solution when you’re looking to add mobile, touchless ticketing to your existing event operation. But, in just about 15 minutes, you can have a brand new ticket sales system that’ll take you from sales to scanning.

Features and Advantages

  • Easy to set up (less than 15 minutes start to finish)
  • You’ll have a custom ticket sales page with your branding, text, videos, images, etc.
  • Turn your URL into a QR code, place it on flyers, advertising, or signs, and you’ve got a one-click ticket sales option for your customers
  • Increased sales using your QR code, URL, social media integration tools, etc.
  • Send your tickets via email or text – it’s up to you
  • Keep in touch with your customers through your dashboard email system
  • Exchange or refund right from your dashboard
  • Real-time reporting tools
  • Reserved seating (build your seating chart), GA, free, or donation-based tickets
  • Download your customer database for future marketing programs
  • Use the free Evvnt app to scan tickets on the day of the event

Mobile Touchless Ticketing in Action

The system is fantastic for any show, event, activity, or fundraiser. We’ve had outdoor yoga promoters put their QR code on a sign. Then, walk-up attendees scanned the code, purchased admission, and were instantly scanned into the class.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that, and the icing on the cake is that it’s not just ticketing for less. You’re not paying anything.

Forget About Ticketing for Less, Free is Better

With so many websites, apps, and event services, figuring out the best way to promote and manage events or fundraisers can be challenging.

Spread the Word and Sell More

I want to share a little unsolicited advice, though. If you’re searching for ticketing for less, then budget matters. You want to get the most bang for your buck. So, why limit yourself? Why not use both if you’re on the fence between using something like Brown Paper Tickets or OTL City Guides Tickets?

More than one ticket sales option expands your exposure. It’ll get you better searches, bigger sales, and a wider variety of tools.

And, don’t forget that it’s a new world, and portability and touchless tools are the hot new things to stay on top of social distancing and consumer demand. So, you can post your events everywhere, but turn to OTL City Guides Tickets for the ability to sell-send-scan in one user-friendly dashboard.

How to Get Started Selling Tickets

It’s super easy to build your custom ticket sales web page with OTL City Guides Tickets and even easier to get started. Just send us the basics about your organization. We’ll get you set up in the dashboard and send you a username and basic instructions to get the ball rolling.

You’ll also have access to videos, how-tos, and tips to take your program to the next level. But if you need even more support, you’ve got that, too. Evvnt has dedicated technical support specialists standing by to make sure you’re never left hanging.

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Bonus – The Goal is to Fill the House By Selling Tickets, But…

Before you head over to build your attractive and enticing ticket sales page, be sure to bookmark the Event Promoters Hub on OTL Seat Fillers.

We always welcome new partners and, if you’ve never invited seat fillers to your events before, you’ll be amazing at the benefits. No, seat fillers won’t help you when you’re sold out. But, every so often, you might have a few extra spots to fill or want to introduce new patrons to your venue. That’s why OTL is an excellent tool in your marketing toolbox.

Plus, just as OTL now has complimentary sales tools, OTL Seat Filling doesn’t cost you anything either.

Benefits of inviting seat fillers:

  • Private – OTL doesn’t promote the names of its entertainment partners
  • Easy – you let OTL know how many tickets or spots you want to offer to seat fillers; OTL opens up a list to its members and then sends you the will call list
  • Increased income – just because seat fillers receive free tickets doesn’t mean they don’t spend money on other things like food and beverage, merchandise, parking, and extra tickets.

Why OTL City Guides Tickets is Different from Eventbrite or Brown Paper Tickets

Aside from the long list of ticketing tools at your disposal, there are a few other things that set OTL City Guides Tickets apart from other event portals.

One City and One City Only

The number one distinction between OTL City Guides Tickets and other ticketing portals like Eventbrite or Brown Paper Tickets is that it’s city-specific.

There are 10 different OTL City Guides Tickets locations, and each is dedicated to one market. That means, instead of your customers scrolling through dozens (or hundreds) of cities, they’re going right to local opportunities.

For example, if you’re promoting an event in Atlanta, you’ll use OTL City Guides Tickets – Atlanta. That particular site features ticket opportunities in the greater Atlanta area exclusively. You won’t find Austin events tucked away on the same portal. For those, customers will access OTL City Guides Tickets – Austin.

Your Event is YOUR Event

While the local focus is the primary difference, you’ll also find that you can customize your individual ticket sales page more through OTL City Guides Tickets.

You’ve got a lot of wide-open real estate to really do your event justice. And, from there, you can opt to take advantage of other ticketing tools like adding a donation button or sending secret access codes or reminders to your customers.